Posted by: lisaracz | September 14, 2010

Environmentaly non-evasive gardening

Now that the Summer is coming to an end and the temperatures are finally dropping , it’s now time to revive your half-baked plants and remove any dead plants that weren’t able to survive the summer heat and replant.

This means getting out the mowers,  hedgers, weed eaters and all those hand-held garden tools along with providing plants with plant food that they desperately need. With this in mind, has there been any thought as to how this gardening tradition affects the environment, specifically the air?

What are we  really using to keep our yards beautiful?  Gas, electric and manual hand tools are the options to pick from. Everyone knows that using gas-powered mowers gives off pollutants and who’s ever doing the mowing is inhaling the most pollution.

According to a study from Sweden in Science Daily, The air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline-powered lawn mowers is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride. The same is with gas weed eaters. That’s a lot of gas!! Makes you think of parking the gas lawn tools permanently.

Using electricity is the better option. Electric mowers, weed eaters are less harmful and a lot quieter, so your also cutting down on noise pollution. You just need to keep an eye out for the extension cords when cutting.

There is always the manual hand tools that you can still buy at gardening stores as well as resale stores and garage sales for a better bargain. I am one of those gardeners who actually uses manual yard tools as well as electric. Gas tools is completely out of the question for me. On nice days I will actually use these tools, so I don’t cause pollution. There’s no doubt that it’s harder, but I get a work out at the same time as having the satisfaction that I’m doing the right thing for life on this planet.  A little hard work never killed me and at least I won’t have to go to the gym for a couple of days afterwards.  

According to the web site,, Using a push mower instead of a power mower helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by 80lbs a year. The replacement of every 500 gas mowers with non-motorized mowers would spare the air

  • 212 pounds of hydrocarbons
    (smog ingredient)
  • 1.7 pounds of nitrogen oxides
    (smog ingredient)
  • 5.6 pounds of irritating particles 1,724 pounds of carbon dioxide

Environment-friendly Manual push mower









You can buy a relatively decent push mower, such as this one that works great and won’t break the bank.

We only have this one planet to live on, so even though doing some things environmentally friendly for the planet are a little harder than most, like people powered tools, remember that gardening used to be done this way before people became soo busy. We forgot how to appreciate gardening down in the dirt and to realize that gardening is getting some exercise. It beats being bored on a tread mill. Appreciate your yards, your gardens and the planet and put your feet in the grass.

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Ghandi: “The earth can provide for everyman’s needs but not for everyman’s greed.”


Lisa Racz- For the planet and all life it holds

Environment Editor/Writer (Puma Press)



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